The ZENZIPER Company, a private family firm, focuses mainly on the grain trade.

The founder of the company – Zvi Zenziper - was born in Russia at the end of the 19th century. During his childhood, while trying to financially support his family, he began to dabble in the grains market. When he immigrated to Israel, in 1926, he kept his activities in the grain business and persisted in that work until he reached the age of 102 years! Zvi Zenziper activity was mentioned in the Guinness 2002 Book of World Records as the most senior worker in Israel, working in the same company for over 76 years!

Today, the company is managed jointly by the second and third generation of the family: Menachem Zenziper (second generation) - industrial engineer, M.Sc. in Management Sciences and Itai Ron (third generation) - graduate in economics and management.


The Zenziper Company specializes in and focuses on importing all the basic ingredients that are needed for the manufacturing processes of animal feeding stuffs in Israel. The Company trades, basically, with all kinds of grains – corn, barley, wheat and sorghum as well as with the various spectrums of high- protein-content raw materials, such as: corn gluten feed, corn gluten meals, ddg's, and different extract meals of soya beans, sunflower seeds and rapeseed. Some of those are the main by-products of the ethanol production processes and the oil manufacturing processes.

The Zenziper Company has excellent commercial long term relationships with the leading world trading commodity companies in the grain business. The company imports on a regular basis shipments, on bulk vessels, from East Europe (Black sea countries) and other countries in Europe, as well as from South and North America resources.

The company's strategy and logistic plan specializes in the day-by-day study of the world markets and in following and analyzing the trends of physical grains markets, world trade and the overseas shipping prices worldwide. The composition of various materials, as well as the sources and quantities of raw materials are – therefore – flexible, supported by and based on the world trends, availability in the markets, local prices for grains and shipments in the various markets of the world.


The Zenziper Company has acquired an enviable reputation for its ability and knowledge to analyze the world Grain Markets. The professionalism of the Company is widely respected by all the professional manufacturers in the animal Feed Industries as well as by the other institutes which operate in this agricultural sector. Itai Ron, joint manager of the company, is frequently invited to conduct presentations and lectures in the professional forums in Israel. Itai Ron is, indeed, highly appreciated by all the professional experts in the agricultural feed manufacturing industry.


The Zenziper Company serves over one hundred feed mills, feeding centers and various other clients all over the country. The high recognition from this wide range of clients is the most important potential for the company's market capacity and upholds the Company's Motto - that every client should have the feeling that he is the most unique client of the company. The company therefore undertakes annual surveys, to learn their clients' expectations and to receive comments concerning the reliability of shipments, daily information and so on. These surveys lead the management of the company to react accordingly and apply changes in order to improve any required aspect. The company also conducts annual meetings with the clients, bringing top lecturers to the Sheraton Hotel conference facilities.


The Zenziper Company works with the leading trading companies in the world grain markets. As a result, it succeeds to conduct regular shipments to Israel within reasonable time limits. The high volumes of orders enable maximum negotiation leverage on both grain and shipment prices.


The Zenziper Company trade volume, during 2014, was in excess of 834,000 metric tons of various grains and feedstuffs, a volume of 850 million Israel Shekels (net, before VAT). The share of the Zenziper Company was, at that year, 22.5% of the total market (3,734,000 metric-tons).


The Zenziper Company is the leading company in the Israeli grain market. The Company achieved this credibility and status, after many years of intensive work, mainly due to its consistent efforts and professional management using strict objectives. The Company intends to keep it that way also in the future.